18 Minutes of Pure Pleasure

SSR goes everyday before 2nd period,  from 9:25 to 9:43.  Be sure to have a good book or other reading material.  SSR is the best time of the school day!

Don’t waste SSR with textbooks or planners.  Take some time to pick out something that you will enjoy. SSR is your chance to read something that you want to read.  You don’t need to read it for a test, or a book report, or for any reason other than for the sake of reading. It might be pure escape, it might be informative, it might be a combination of entertainment and education. It is up to you.

Please remember that in the school library during SSR, we are reading too! So we would love to help you find an SSR book at any other time of the day, but not for those 18 minutes!

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