SSR FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Sustained Silent Reading


Q:  What can I read during SSR?

A:  Anything you choose.  You can read fiction or non-fiction. Choose novels, manga, comics or other graphic books. You can choose books about any subject you are interested in. Just remember that SSR is not meant for reading textbooks or other materials assigned by teachers.  You should read something that you choose because you are interested in it.

Creative Commons 2.0 Erin Kelly
Source: CC BY 2.0 Erin Kelly

Q: Why do I have to be silent during SSR?

A: Silence allows everyone in the room to concentrate on their reading. This includes you!  You will be able to focus better on what you are reading if you are in an environment free of distractions.  There aren’t enough places or times in the day for people to find environments suitable for reading (and thinking) deeply. With SSR we are trying to create that environment for 20 minutes for everyone at school.

Q: So can I whisper during SSR?

A: No!



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