Maybe the Best Pitcher Ever

Leroy Satchel Paige
Source: Wikimedia

Satchel Paige might be the greatest pitcher in the history of baseball. Sadly, when he was in his prime he did not get the chance to compete at the highest level, as the racism of the times kept black baseball players out of the majors. After Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s colour barrier in 1947, Satchel Paige finally got to play in the big leagues in 1948 at the age of 42.  Even at that age Paige was a dominant All-Star pitcher, and he became the first Negro Leagues player to pitch in a World Series.  He retired in 1953, although he came back in his 50’s for a brief 3 inning appearance in one game in 1965.  As good as he was in his short major league career, we are left to wonder what could have been had Paige had been able to pitch in the big leagues during his prime.


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