The DEAR Challenge is Coming Soon

Once again the BC Teacher Librarians’ Association, in conjunction with the BCTF, has issued its annual DEAR Challenge: Drop Everything and Read, on BC School Library Day, Monday, October 26th. 

All students and staff in are challenged to read for 20 minutes in Block A on October 26th. Put aside the textbooks, put away the phone, turn off the computer,  and don’t worry about the homework or the marking.  Just sit back and enjoy 20 minutes of silent, uninterrupted reading.

Read something that you have picked because you want to read it, for whatever reason.  Maybe you want to laugh, or cry, or be scared, or thrilled, or simply want to escape from this world for a while. Or maybe you want to learn something, explore a topic you are interested in, or discover something new.

Whatever it is that you pick, enjoy the time to read. And as a bonus, you can know that students who spend more time reading for fun, do better in school.  Recreational reading is one of the best ways to improve academic performance and is one of the best predictors of academic success. You read for enjoyment and for school success– it’s win-win.

The DEAR Challenge and BC School Library Day are a part of Canadian Library Month and International School Library Month.


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