School Library FAQ 3

School Library FAQ 3: “Can I print in the library?”

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In School Library FAQ 2 we asked, “How do I borrow a book? Where do I go and what do I need?”

When you come to the School Library and find a book that you want to borrow, head to the Circulation Desk. This is the main counter near the front doors. The Teacher Librarian or another member of the Library Team will be there to assist you– if nobody is there, you will need to say (in a LOUD voice), “I need help!” You might need to continue to ask for help until a Library Team member comes to the desk to assist you.

When directed to do so, you will use the self-checkout station to scan your library card (student id card.) Then you will scan the library barcode on the book. If everything is in order, congratulations, you have successfully borrowed the book!

If you have any overdue books, unpaid fines, or if you are over your limit, you won’t be able to borrow any more books until you sort out the issues. If you have questions about any of those things, you will need to talk with the Teacher Librarian.

You have most books and other materials for three weeks. If you still want to keep the book longer than that, you can usually renew the book for as long as you need to.

You can also borrow books without even physically entering the library! Go here to read about how to place holds and even get books delivered to you.

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