May is Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada. Learn more about Canadians who trace their roots from Asia. Learn about famous Canadians of Asian heritage. Learn about how Asian culture has helped to build Canada into the country that we love.

Asia is an enormous continent filled with billions of people, dozens of countries, hundreds of languages, and innumerable cultural variations. Millions of Canadians trace roots to such East Asian countries as China, Korea, and Japan. Millions of Canadians have their heritage from South Asia too, sometimes considered its own “Sub-Continent,” from such places as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Many Canadians also trace roots to Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam, and to Western Asian nations such as Lebanon and Syria.

source: Radio Canada International

Check back as we post more on Asian Heritage throughout the month of May, including a new book display of library resources related to Asian Heritage in Canada.

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