Tutorial Time is READING TIME

Read to learn. Read to escape. Read to find out more about something you are interested in. Read to laugh. Read to cry. Read to see life through the eyes of different people in different times and places. Read for the sake of reading.

Tutorial time takes place from 9:24 to 9:57, everyday, across the school. In many classrooms around the building students will take time to get extra help from teachers, or to study for tests, or to read just for the sake of reading!

Come down to the school library to find something good to read. We have something for everybody. Fiction or non-fiction. A wide range of genres. Books for different reading abilities. Old classics and brand-new bestsellers. We have Manga. Sports books. Young Adult fiction. Science fiction. Biography. Graphic novels. Fantasy. And so much more.

The school library is also a great place to read during tutorial time! We have comfy chairs spread around the library, including the super-silent “Zen Den.” You can count on a quiet and comfortable environment to enjoy some reading.

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