Magazines, Newspapers and More

The School Library Program offers many choices in terms of reading material and sources of information for research. One of the areas that many students (and staff) should check out more often is Periodicals. We have regular subscriptions to a wide variety of magazines. We also pick up other magazine titles on a more casual basis.  And we have  a daily subscription to both the Vancouver Sun and the Province.


More than that, through our district sponsored online resources, we offer you access to thousands of different newspapers, magazines, journals and more. We have created a short tutorial on how to use one of these databases to find current articles. Click here.

How Much of the Internet is “Google-able”?

DarkWebWhile it is impossible to give a firm answer to the question, it is clear that for every website that is free and accessible through search engines such as Google, there are thousands of other places on the internet that are not. Many valuable sources of information are hidden behind various layers of walls, including paywalls. While the estimates can vary widely, one study  suggested as little as .03% of the internet was searchable with Google, while there are claims that only 1/25000th (.004%) of the internet had been indexed by the search engine (source). Whatever the number, we can set aside the myth that all anyone needs is a a computer and Google and the whole world of information is at your fingertips.

Good news: As a student (or staff member) in SD36 you can have access to many online databases and other district sponsored resources that other people have to pay for. If you are using a computer or other device within the district, you can use these without passwords. If you are at home, you will need usernames and passwords. Your teacher librarian can give you these.

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Looking for Magazine, Newspaper or Journal Articles?

Did you know that you can have online access to full text articles from thousands of magazines, journals and newspapers from around the world?  As a student in Surrey Schools, you benefit from our subscription to online databases and other digital resources. Find out more.


Need magazine or newspaper articles?

Are you working on a project and need to do research using current sources, from Canada or other parts of the world?  Be sure to check out Ebsco’s Academic Search Premier and the many other Digital Resources that you can use as a student in the Surrey School District.

If you are linking to these subscription databases from within the district, you can go directly there. However, if you are trying from home, you will need a username and password. See us in the school library to get those.

If you need more help on using these resources, check out this tutorial.


Use District Databases to Find Articles from Magazines, Newspapers and More

Not everything can be linked to from Google. One of the big myths about online information is that everything is free and easy to find on the internet / world wide web. Many things are only available if you have proper access, including paid sites with usernames and passwords.

The good news is that as a student of Surrey Schools, you can use subscription databases that SD36 has paid for.

Find out how you can use a district online resource like Ebsco to find articles from thousands of different magazines, newspapers, journals and other sources. This includes fining full text articles, with all the pictures, maps, diagrams and other visuals.

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District Online Resources

Students, you are missing out if you are not making use of our district sponsored online resources. Check out the wide variety of excellent resources that are available to you, free of charge, if you are a Surrey Schools student.  Note that if you are attempting to gain access from a school computer or tablet, you will be able to get in directly. However, from home you will need a username and password. See us at the School Library for that information.