SSR FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Sustained Silent Reading


Q:  What can I read during SSR?

A:  Anything you choose.  You can read fiction or non-fiction. Choose novels, manga, comics or other graphic books. You can choose books about any subject you are interested in. Just remember that SSR is not meant for reading textbooks or other materials assigned by teachers.  You should read something that you choose because you are interested in it.

Creative Commons 2.0 Erin Kelly
Source: CC BY 2.0 Erin Kelly

Q: Why do I have to be silent during SSR?

A: Silence allows everyone in the room to concentrate on their reading. This includes you!  You will be able to focus better on what you are reading if you are in an environment free of distractions.  There aren’t enough places or times in the day for people to find environments suitable for reading (and thinking) deeply. With SSR we are trying to create that environment for 20 minutes for everyone at school.

Q: So can I whisper during SSR?

A: No!



Drop Everything and Read

The DEAR Challenge has been issued by the BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association, to all the people of this province, to Drop Everything and Read. Join with people from all walks of life around BC to celebrate the value of reading.  While most will stop at 11:oo for 20 Minutes of Silent Reading, stop whenever you can today for some SSR.  At Lord Tweedsmuir we have an SSR period each day from 9:27 t0 9:46.   Be sure to take advantage of this valuable time to read something that you enjoy.

DEAR2015The BCTLA is a Provincial Specialist Association of the BC Teachers’ Federation.

DEAR is coming!

The BC Teacher Librarians Association (a division of the BCTF) has issued its 9th Annual DEAR Challenge: Drop Everything and Read!  On Monday, October 26th, people all over British Columbia are going to stop working, put down the phones, turn off the screens, ignore the texts, and just read! Join in and show that you believe that literacy is vital. Find a good book, magazine or newspaper. Enjoy some sustained silent reading.


Need a place for silent reading?

HPIM0976.JPGAre you looking for a quiet, comfortable place do some reading?  Come down to your school library and our Silent Reading area. There you will find some comfy chairs and a quiet space to enjoy some silent reading. You can come down during the SSR period, or anytime during the day– it is silent reading in that area all day, every day. No homework, no screens, no talking, just wonderful, wonderful reading.


Why SSR?

bookthiefWhy SSR?  (Reason #8 of 3,487,659) Reading allows you to visit other times.  You can experience life in other eras, whether it is historical fiction that takes you to the past, or speculative fiction that imagines the future. You can go back to your own past of the the last few years, or you can go back deep into history.  You are physically stuck in this time and place but reading allows you to visit other times and places with your mind.

Of course, even better:  (Reason #1) Reading for fun is fun.

vikingmystory futuregames midwi

Why SSR?

Why SSR (Reason #17 of 3,487,659): Escape.  Reading gives you a little bit of time to escape from this world.  Maybe you are having a tough time and just need a break from your worries.  Reading, especially reading fiction, allows you to escape from this world for a short time and explore new worlds of wonder, mystery, excitement and fun.  You can’t hide from your problems. It isn’t healthy to look for a constant escape from this world. But everyone could use a little escape now and then.  Reading is a healthy and revitalizing way to do it!

source: CC2.0 Craig Freeman
source: CC2.0 Craig Freeman / Flickr

National School Library Day

It is National School Library Day, part of International School Library Month and Canadian Library Month. It is also the day for the annual DEAR Challenge: Drop Everything and Read.

Explore this site online, or visit us in person to check out the space, to find out more about why school libraries are so vital.