Why SSR?

buckheavyssrWhy SSR?  (Reason #7 of 3,487,659) Reading for fun increases your vocabulary.  In fact, studies show that reading for fun (recreational reading or “free voluntary reading”) is much more effective in building vocabulary than common strategies such as studying vocabulary lists.

Of course, even better:  (Reason #1) Reading for fun is fun.

George Costanza

source: WikiSein

Jay Greenspan was born on this day in 1959.  Greenspan would go on to become an actor who performed under the name Jason Alexander. He would land a spot on the television show “Seinfeld,” portraying what some consider to be the greatest comedy character of all time, George Costanza.  For more on George Costanza and “Seinfeld”, check out WikiSein.

Surrey Teens Read

Surrey Teens Read lets you  join with other high school students from around Surrey to read and discuss great Young Adult literature.

STR Logo transparentThe nominees for 2014 include: Don’t Turn Around; The Age of Miracles; Erebos and more.  We have mulitple copies of each book here in the school library. Come down to check out your copy today!

You be able to vote on your favourites in the Spring 2014.  For more information, a full list of this year’s nominees, a discussion forum, access to book trailers, and more, check out surreyteensread.weebly.com

International Day of Peace


Celebrate it. Dream of it. Work for it. Enjoy it. Promote it. Demand it. Model it. Protest for it.

In 1981 the United Nations established the International Day of Peace. In 2002  the UN declared September 21 to be the permanent day “Peace Day.”

For more information, check out the official site. And come down to your school library to check out some of our resources on peace, including champions of peace, peace education and more.

Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott was born on this day in 1967. Abbott debuted as a Major League Baseball pitcher in 1989 for the California Angels. He would go on to play for several other teams, including the New York Yankees. It was with the Yankees that he threw a No-Hitter on September 4, 1993.

Jim Abbott was born without a right hand. He would throw with his left hand while his glove would rest on the end of his right arm. To field the ball he would deftly slip his left hand into the glove. To throw, he would then tuck the glove between under his right arm, and get the ball into his left hand. Early in his career teams tried to exploit this apparent “weakness” by bunting on him, but he was an amazingly effective fielder.

Jim Abbott’s ability to thrive as a professional athlete despite his physical challenges is truly inspirational.

After retiring from professional baseball, Jim began to tour the world as a motivational speaker.

For more on Jim Abbott, check out his website, jimabbott.net

What should you read in SSR?

What should you read in SSR?  Whatever you want.

SSR is meant to give you time for RECREATIONAL reading. This means you can choose what you want to read. You can have your own purpose for reading, whether it is to entertained, to be informed, or some combination.

You don’t need to pass a test. You don’t need to write a book report. You don’t need to complete a project– you don’t even need to complete the book if you find that it is not meeting your needs.

Read for fun. Read to escape. Read to learn something you are interested in. Read to connect with different people, different places and different times. Read for your own reasons.