International Games Day @ Your Library!

IMG_0456Today we celebrate International Games Day @ Your Library!  We are looking forward to the many different classes, representing all grades and from across the curriculum, that will be joining us for all sorts of board games, table games, card games and more.



International Games Day @ Your Library JUST 2 DAYS AWAY!

Just another couple days until International Games Day @ Your Library!

Take a look at the map to see the locations of libraries all over the world that will be taking part!

source: IGD@YL
source: IGD@YL

For more information, check out the official home page

On This Day in Games History: Elizabeth Magie & Monopoly


One of the world’s most popular board games, Monopoly, has a controversial and confusing history.  While Charles Darrow receives most of the fame for developing the game, in fact many sources contributed to create Monopoly. The person who most deserved a better fate was Elizabeth Magie. Her game, “The Landlord’s Game,” is the earliest known version of the game that we now know as Monopoly. On this day in 1935, Parker Brothers acquired the patent from Magie for $500.  Monopoly would go on to generate millions, and Magie’s contribution would be ignored for many decades. Only in recent years has the full story started to emerge.

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