Drop Everything and Read

DEAR2014The annual DEAR Challenge is coming up: Monday, October 27, 2014. Ā The BCTLA and the BCTF challenge all British Columbians to Drop Everything and Read for 20 Minutes. Most of Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary already does this every day, so this should not be a problem!

The DEAR Challenge is just one aspect of National School Library Day, Canadian Library Month and International School Library Month.


Canadian Library Month

In addition to the fact that October is ISLM (International School Library Month), October is also Canadian Library Month! Ā As Canadians we enjoy and benefit from some of the best libraries in the world. Ā Canadian Library Month is a chance to celebrate all of our libraries, including Public Libraries, School Libraries and more. Go to the Canadian Libary Association’s CLM page to find out more!

Canadian Libary Month

October is ISLM: International School Library Month!

October is International School Library Month. Ā All over the world, people are recognizing and celebrating the powerful role that school libraries play in education. Come on in to the School Library at LTS, and continue to check back online, for more on our local celebration of International School Library Month!


October is OUR month!

Canadian Library Month 2013

ISLMonthLargeOctober is International School Library Month and Canadian Library Month.Ā  October 28 is National School Library Day and the day for the DEAR Challenge: Drop Everything and Read.

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Canadian Library Month

source: cla.caOctober is Internatioal School Library Month. It is also Canadian Library Month. Celebrate the vital role that libraries play in Canadian life.Ā  Canadian Library Month is a celebration of libraries of all kinds, including public librariesĀ andĀ school libraries. Visit the Canadian Library Association for more information.


International School Library Month

Happy International School Library Month!
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