March Madness: YA Lit

64 Titles
6 Rounds of Competition
1 Champion

It’s March Madness at your School Library. All your favourite novels in one-on-one competition over the next month as they try to advance through 6 rounds and ultimately a shot at the title: YA Lit Champion of your School Library.

First Step: Nominate your favourite novel.

Go here to get your favourite book (or books!) onto the list of 64.

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Books “they” are talking about

Check out our current window display, Books “they” are talking about.  Some are old, some are new.  There is fiction and non-fiction. Many of the books are thought-provoking. Some are even controversial.  Some of the books will help you learn something about the world. Some will help you to escape from the world for a little while!

CC / Wikimedia Commons / M. Altemark
Source: CC / Wikimedia Commons / M. Altemark
What books are you reading?  What books are you talking about?

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