The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season has begun.  Known by many names such as the Festive Season or the Holidays, this wonderful time of year traditionally begins with American Thanksgiving and continues into December and the New Year. This year, perhaps more than most in recent memory, the Holidays are a welcome escape and temporary respite from the problems and issues of our day.

source: pixabay/Geralt

Yet the reality of the pandemic remains.  As hard as it will be to adjust our long held traditions of seasonal gatherings with family, friends and neighbours, we need to do so.  Please find ways to celebrate the season that will help us all, together, to fight the spread of Covid. Please follow all the guidelines that restrict the nature and scope of social gatherings.  Maintain social distancing.  Wear your mask. Let’s work to keep our most vulnerable family, friends and neighbours as safe as possible during this Holiday Season.

Look soon for our “Holidays and Holy Days” display of books and other library materials related to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule and the various feasts and festivals of this otherwise dark and cold time of year.