What do you want to read?

We take requests.  We take your requests very seriously.  We want to help you find books that you want to read.  Let us know what you are looking for.

Non-fiction subject?  Sports? Computers? Rap? Fly-fishing or fashion or skateboarding or painters or the environment? Or any other  subject? Let us know.

Fiction?  How about sci-fi, horror, young adult, historical, romance, suspense, fantasy…? What kind of stories do you like? Let us know.

Do you have authors in mind that we don’t have?  Titles in mind that we don’t have?  Maybe a series where we are missing the latest entry?  Let us know.

Come in to the School Library and ask for our Request Sheet at the front desk. Or, go here to fill out our online request form.

What do you want?

ifiWhat books do you want to borrow from your library?  Let us know so that we can get those books in here, on our shelves, for you to borrow. Maybe  you have a specific title you want us to get. Or maybe you tell us about some authors or series.  Maybe you have subjects you are interested in. We want to get books onto our shelves that students will take out and read.  Help us do that by telling us what you want.

Go to our Requests page now!




requestWe want to get books that you want to read onto our shelves. Actually that is not completely accurate. In fact, we really want to get those books off of our shelves and into your hands so that you can read them!

Let us know what you want. Are there certain subjects you are interested in?  Particular authors? Favourite genres of fiction? Are we missing a title (or several titles) in a series?

Let us know what you want to read.

Click here to fill out our online request form