Scary Stories

Halloween is coming up soon. What better way to get ready than to read some scary stories? We have a special display of short fiction, with a large collection of horror anthologies. Of course as always we have hundreds of novels to give you the chills, with many in eBook or audiobook formats. We also have non-fiction books and other library resources that deal with scary stuff.

Come down to the School Library to see for yourself.

If you dare…

Canadian Library Workers’ Day

A big thanks goes out to all the people who work in libraries around the country, and in this library especially! Thanks to our Library Team of volunteers, Library Science students, and others whose work in this program provides a vital service to the students and staff of this school.

October is Canadian Library Month


Remember to bring your student ID card to the school library. Your student ID card is ALSO your library card.

Speaking of ID, that brings to mind a classic joke:

“ID is a strange abbreviation.
I is short for I,
and D is short for

Norm MacDonald

Of course, the joke really only works when delivered by the recently departed, and deeply beloved comedian, Norm MacDonald.

International School Library Month

The theme of ISLM in 2021 is “Fairy Tales and Folk Tales Around the World.”

Check out some of these titles which collect legends, myths, tales, sagas and stories from around the globe:

Note: Some tales have been handed down from ancient times, many since before they were written down, while other are modern “mash-ups” or new spins on old stories. Some of the stories are integral to deeply held spiritual or religious beliefs. Some are, clearly, made up stories told for entertainment value of adventure or comedy. Others are somewhere in between. As with all great stories, we hope you can learn while you enjoy!


What are you thankful for?

This weekend, if you are so fortunate, enjoy some turkey. Enjoy spending time with family and friends. Enjoy a day off of work on Monday. Enjoy some relaxation and recreation. Put your feet up. Read a book. Sit by the fire. Go for a walk in nature.

Whatever you do for fun or rest this weekend, take some time to consider what you are thankful for in your life.

The relationship between joy and gratitude was one of the important things I found in my research. I wasn’t expecting it. In my 12 years of research on 11,000 pieces of data, I did not interview one person who had described themselves as joyful, who also did not actively practice gratitude.

Dr. Brene Brown

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. Like all holidays, Thanksgiving is even better when we stop to consider the meaning of the holiday.


Surrey Teens Read has once again come up with an incredible list of titles for students to enjoy. This week we look at Parachutes by Kelly Yang.

Kelly Yang was born in Hong Kong and grew up in the U.S.. Ms. Yang has led an incredibly interesting and accomplished life: Find out more here. She is also the author of Front Desk, both an award winning novel, and a book that has faced censorship.

Come down to the School Library to see Parachutes and the other nine nominated titles for this school year’s version of Surrey Teens Read.

Find out more at