Libraries Rock Bigtime

Celebrate Libraries in October

October is a big month for libraries.

October is International School Library Month.

October is Canadian Library Month.

October 15 is Canadian Library Workers’ Day

October 22 is the BCTLA Conference

October 25 is BC School Library Day and Canada School Library Day

October 25 is Drop Everything and Read

Check back here for more info, and visit us in person, as we party all month in the School Library.

May is Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada. Learn more about Canadians who trace their roots from Asia. Learn about famous Canadians of Asian heritage. Learn about how Asian culture has helped to build Canada into the country that we love.

Asia is an enormous continent filled with billions of people, dozens of countries, hundreds of languages, and innumerable cultural variations. Millions of Canadians trace roots to such East Asian countries as China, Korea, and Japan. Millions of Canadians have their heritage from South Asia too, sometimes considered its own “Sub-Continent,” from such places as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Many Canadians also trace roots to Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam, and to Western Asian nations such as Lebanon and Syria.

source: Radio Canada International

Check back as we post more on Asian Heritage throughout the month of May, including a new book display of library resources related to Asian Heritage in Canada.

Freedom to Read Week

February 21 to 27 is Freedom to Read Week in Canada in 2021.  Come down to the School Library to find out more.  We have a display of books and other resources related to our freedom to read, our right to have access to information, and our responsibility to exercise those rights and freedoms as informed, free-thinking citizens. 

Freedom to Read Week 2021

Along with our in person display of books, magazines, audiobooks, playaways and more, we will will also feature online resources, such as ebooks, digital audiobooks, online databases, and more, so be sure to check out our site,

You can also click here to find out more about Freedom to Read Week.

The DEAR Challenge is Coming Soon

Once again the BC Teacher Librarians’ Association, in conjunction with the BCTF, has issued its annual DEAR Challenge: Drop Everything and Read, on BC School Library Day, Monday, October 26th. 

All students and staff in are challenged to read for 20 minutes in Block A on October 26th. Put aside the textbooks, put away the phone, turn off the computer,  and don’t worry about the homework or the marking.  Just sit back and enjoy 20 minutes of silent, uninterrupted reading.

Read something that you have picked because you want to read it, for whatever reason.  Maybe you want to laugh, or cry, or be scared, or thrilled, or simply want to escape from this world for a while. Or maybe you want to learn something, explore a topic you are interested in, or discover something new.

Whatever it is that you pick, enjoy the time to read. And as a bonus, you can know that students who spend more time reading for fun, do better in school.  Recreational reading is one of the best ways to improve academic performance and is one of the best predictors of academic success. You read for enjoyment and for school success– it’s win-win.

The DEAR Challenge and BC School Library Day are a part of Canadian Library Month and International School Library Month.


“Finding Your Way to Good Health and Well Being”


October is International School Library Month.  Join with schools in Canada and around the world as we take this month to learn about, and celebrate, the vital role that libraries play in education around the globe.

The theme of ISLM in 2020 is “Finding our Way to Good Health and Well Being.”

Find out more about ISLM from the International Association of School Librarianship.




October: Time for Libraries to Flex

October is a big month for School Libraries.  October is International School Library Month.  Not only that, October is also Canadian Library Month. More still: October 16 is Canadian Library Workers Day. As if all that wasn’t enough, October 26 is BC School Library Day, with the annual Drop Everything and Read Challenge.

Look for more information about all these observances and events throughout the month of October, as we celebrate the essential role of Libraries, especially School Libraries, in our society.