Drop Everything and Read

Today you have been challenged by the BCTF and BCTLA to Drop Everything and Read!   The DEAR Challenge is issued every year for BC School Library Day, in conjunction with Canadian Library Month and International School Library Month.

Every person in British Columbia, including every student and every teacher, is challenged to drop everything else and read a book.  Read for pleasure. Read for entertainment. Read for knowledge. Read for escape. Read for experiencing other places, other times, other lives. Read for the joy of it.

There are so many reasons to read.

Drop Everything and Read!

DEAR is coming!

The BC Teacher Librarians Association (a division of the BCTF) has issued its 9th Annual DEAR Challenge: Drop Everything and Read!  On Monday, October 26th, people all over British Columbia are going to stop working, put down the phones, turn off the screens, ignore the texts, and just read! Join in and show that you believe that literacy is vital. Find a good book, magazine or newspaper. Enjoy some sustained silent reading.


DEAR Challenge

DEAR: Drop Everything and Read.  The BCTLA and BCTF challenge everyone around the province of British Columbia to “Drop Everything and Read” on Monday, October 28.

At Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School we students and teachers read every day during SSR. On the 28th we are challenging everyone in the building, including administrators, clerks, custodians, education assistants and visitors, to join with people from all over British Columbia to read for twenty minutes.

source: bctladear.blogspot.ca

Even better, find twenty minutes to read every day!