International School Library Month

October is International School Library Month. Join with people from all over the world in celebrating the powerful and vital role that school library programs play in education.


For more on ISLM, visit the online home of the International Association of School Libraries.

National School Library Day

Today is National School Library Day in Canada. Today we recognize the vital roleĀ of School LibrariesĀ in education.Ā  The Province of British Columbia has joined in, declaring that today is School Library Day with the following proclamation:



Are you on Twitter yet?Ā  It isn’t just celebrities telling us what they had for lunch, or friends telling us aboutĀ their bodily functions.Ā The educational possibilities for Twitter are tremendous. Just today we retweeted items related to language, games, photography, Vancouver history, iPads, teaching, Drop Everything and Read, The Hobbit, Martin Luther KingĀ Jr.Ā and the Civil Rights Movement, comics, libraries, flags, school libraries, public libraries, authors, literacy, our writing contest, and more.Ā  We share about what we are doing in the school library learning commons, we share about what is happening in the school, we share about the things our kids are learning in classes, and we share about all sorts of things.

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