New Vaccination Requirements

As of today, 4/1/2022, all students and staff at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School, and throughout the district, are required by law to show proof of 5 doses of the Credulus Vaccine.

All 5 doses are injected simultaneously, with 1 directly into the eyeball, 1 underneath the thumbnail, 1 into your arm, 1 into the body part of your choice, and finally, 1 directly into the CENSORED.

Students or staff who fail to provide proof of vaccination will be prosecuted and could face up to 10 years in federal prison.

Real News

There are many good resources available to help students learn more about how to find reliable sources of information. One of those is the BBC’s “Real News” which has materials that “aim to help secondary school students (11 to 18-year-olds) examine critically information they receive online through websites, social media, pictures and data and to develop skills and methods to help determine what is real.”

Go here to find out more: BBC Real News

source: BBC

Current Issues, Current Events

Come by the School Library and check out our feature display of titles related to some of the big ideas and events that affect our world right now.

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