International School Library Month

As October draws to a close, so does International School Library Month and Canadian Library Month.  We hope you learned something about the vital role that libraries play in our country, and that school libraries play in education around the globe. Most importantly, we hope you were able to celebrate the wonderful gift of libraries by visiting some, including your local public library, and especially, your school library.

Come down to see us in person, or visit online– even though October is ending, you can make use of your school library all year long.

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Invest in Libraries

“The conservative, careful and fiscally responsible path to improving literacy is by investing in libraries and librarians.”

–Stephen Krashen

October is International School Library Month
and Canadian Library Month.



International School Library Month AND Canadian Library Month

Celebrate the vital role that school libraries play in education around the world.



Celebrate the vital role that libraries of all sorts play in Canadian society.



School Library Day

Today is the most important day of the year.
Today is School Library Day.
October is International School Library Month and Canada Library Month. Very cool.
But today is the Day.
Celebrate the “Most Awesome Place on Earth.”
Come down to your School Library and enjoy the awesomeness.
What is so awesome about the School Library?

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Not Just a Place…

teacherlibrarianOn School Library Day, it is important to remember that the School Library is not just a place. More importantly, it is the people who are a part of the School Library who give it life. Everyone who works in the school library, in the physical space, or online, contributes to the vital role of the school library in education.

Thanks to Mia MacMeekin for this wonderful infographic on the role of the Teacher Librarian (left).  Every school needs a Teacher Librarian working with the students, staff, administration, parents and other stakeholders in the success of a school library program. Without a Teacher Librarian, a school library is just another room after all.

Source: Mia MacMeekin; Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

National School Library Day

Today is National School Library Day in Canada. Today we recognize the vital role of School Libraries in education.  The Province of British Columbia has joined in, declaring that today is School Library Day with the following proclamation:



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