We have a printing station by the front entrance, on your right as you enter the school library. You will need to observe the following procedures:

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Sanitize your hands.
  3. One person at a time. If you are waiting, please wait outside the doors.
  4. You will need to know your district username and password to log on to the computer.
  5. Please have a print-ready document or other item ready to go before you log on. If you still need to work on something, please do it on a different computer.
  6. Log off when you are finished.
  7. Sanitize the key board and mouse. There will be a spray bottle of sanitizer and paper towels nearby. Spray a towel with the sanitizer (do not soak the towel and do not spray directly onto the equipment.) Gently wipe down any surfaces you used.

Please be responsible with your printing choices. Before printing, we ask that you consider these questions: Do I really need to print? How do minimize the amount of paper that I use? Are there alternatives to printing that I should consider?

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