Looking for Magazine, Newspaper or Journal Articles?

Did you know that you can have online access to full text articles from thousands of magazines, journals and newspapers from around the world?  As a student in Surrey Schools, you benefit from our subscription to online databases and other digital resources. Find out more.


Looking for a place to film?

Are you looking for a place to film? Perhaps you are working on a class project and need somewhere to work on a video. Maybe you would like to use a green screen for special effects. Come down to your school library.

We have our own “Green Monster” set up in our filming area. Classes can book this space, or small groups can come down on a drop-in basis to use the green screen and the space for filming.

Don’t forget, we also have digital video cameras that you can borrow!


Surrey Teens Read: Just a few weeks left for 2015

Voting for the winner of Surrey Teens Read will start in May. That means you have just over a month left to complete reading at least three of the nominated titles so that you can vote for the best book for teens in Surrey. We have multiple copies of all the nominees here at your school library- check them out!


Find out more at surreyteensread.weebly.com

International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day.  Women continue to struggle for equality in Canada and around the world. In Canada over the past century we have made significant progress towards improving the status of women, particularly in terms of the law and government. However, Canadian women still struggle for equality of pay and opportunity.  Canadian women still face discrimination and sexism. Worse, Canadian women are still subject to high levels of violence– worse still, violence carried out by men they know and perhaps even love.

Around the world, the situation is even worse.  In many societies women face worse levels of sexism and violence, often with no protection of any sort from the law. In fact, in some places the government endorses, or even carries out the oppression of women.

This is unacceptable.  International Women’s Day is not just for women. It is for all of us.  Together, men and women must continue to fight for human rights to be guaranteed to all people.

For more on International Women’s Day


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